Client Portal

Naples Build is raising the bar once again and taking the local construction industry to new heights with our advanced Cloud based technology. Our online client portal allows you secure access to your projects via your own individualized web page. Here you can view all the details, scheduling and daily progress of your project every step of the way whether you're near or far with just a few clicks. 

Our valued clients, are able to view important documents & plans, make selections, and even approve change orders at any time, from any location. Photos and project updates are posted daily, and you can track the actual construction schedule as it progresses from day to day.

Communicating with your construction team is also streamlined in the Cloud. And although we love to hear from all of clients, and always welcome your calls, you can now easily leave, receive, and view messages to and from any of our project specialists 24/7. The Naples Build Cloud, technology and convenience at your fingertips.

Our online system gives easy you access to everything about your project. You can make selections, see progress, browse photos, review financial decisions, send messages, and more. All from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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See your job in real time. Pick and approve any selection and options regarding everything from paint colors, doors,  counter tops material to design suggestions and your budget.  

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Experience the schedule for your job in real time. Know exactly what is happening each day on your project. Know who is performing the work, how the work is progressing and exactly what to expect on a daily basis.

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We are offer the most complete mobile app for a cloud based communication tool to all of our Naples Build clients. In real time you will have access to the day to day operations of your project. Photos, schedule, messaging and more.