What Does Your House Say About You?

OK. After looking at this picture, what kind of judgment did you make about the people who live there? Eccentric? Wacky? Fairytale/nursery rhyme lovers?

So, by just taking a quick look at a home, you can very quickly come to some sort of snap conclusion about the people that live there, right? With that in mind, what conclusions do you think people make upon seeing where YOU live?

As one who practices feng shui (that art of creating environments that consistently support the goals and dreams of my clients) I’m always amazed at what some people allow in their environments that are directly opposing anything and everything they say they want in their life.

There’s a basic feng shui “rule” that says “What’s going on in your life is going on in your environment.” Do you want to be known as eccentric? Well, that shoe might get you there. Some homes are obvious like the shoe, and others are more subtle as to what story they tell.

If I thought you were completely unorganized and chaotic-acting, which kitchen would I guess is yours?:




The cluttered one, right? There’s no way in my mind that an unorganized person could pull off such a neat kitchen as in that second picture.

So, with this little tip of “your living spaces tell your story” in mind, are there some changes you want to make to YOUR spaces so that they depict something more positive about you? The cool thing about working with feng shui rules is, you can actually pre-build the environment to support the life you WANT TO live before you actually live it. It actually helps bring it about! “If you build it…”

Here’s another example:  If you want to be “welcoming,” would you set your home up like this:


Or this:


I’m sure you guessed the second one.

Every little thing in your environment is either working towards getting you where you want to go, neutral, or holding you back from it. Do you know which is which?

Karen Rauch Carter

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